We produce metal sheet at Deniz Pres.

We want to be the preferred company on precision metal sheet by using our ability for production and management that is based on many years.

We promise to please our stakeholders below, be a company that grows by profit, and improves itself constantly. 

To our customers,

By establishing and protecting a system that will make deliveries on time,

By producing on a wanted quality level,

By having competence to have a technical cooperation,

By producing products in competitive prices,

To our employees,

By having managerial competence to  offer job opportunities constantly,

By paying attention to their ideas,

By offering educational support to improve themselves,

To society,

By creating employment opportunities,

By having environmental awareness by protecting the nature,

To our suppliers, 

By increasing the turnover by getting new offers,

By complying the commercial agreement that we make. 

  1. Quality Policy