Our firm was established by Nasuh Deniz in 1977 and by its establishment, it started to produce rubber molds to Beltan firm.

With the acquisition of Beltan to Coskunoz Holding, and concentrating on the production of bushing and mounts together with the Germany based Vibracoustic firm, the “visual control” and “burr cleaning operations” of vibration mounts were conveyed to Deniz Torna in 1990. 

By the end of 2004, Deniz Torna decided to expand its field, and in 2005, by establishing Eccentric Pres department, it started to provide its services in cold forming and precision metal sheet production to Beltan-VibracousticCoskunoz Metal FormFreudenberg, BELKA-Belka Kauçuk, Elring Klinger and İmortaş.

Cold forming production of metal pieces of bearing seals (flat seals), rotary shaft seals, plugs, bushings and mounts, and dynamic bushing and mounts are performed. During production, Single processed, step (Prograsif), Transfer Type production styles are used during production. 

Nasuh Deniz (Deniz Pres) Firm does the design and production of such dies within its organization, has an extensive experience in the maintenance of them and holds it as a principle to improve itself in this with each passing day.

Deniz Pres started its Quality System practices in 2002 and received its ISO9001:2000 documentation on 16.06.2003. It renewed it with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality System documentation on June 2009. Quality is really important for Deniz Torna. 

On June 2010, within the restructuring process, it was relocated to our current address with our improving technology and 1300 m2 closed area. It renders its services to the automobile industry with its 35 employees that are expert on eccentric presses and cold forming in parallel to the developing technology.